Bedlington is a love for life!

The Witch Master Bedlington Terrier Kennel was founded in 1994; before that, it was a Carmencita since it was established in 1983.

We ceased breeding in 2000, but in 2016 we continued the promotion of the breed and the quality breeding similarly and continuously.

In the first 16 years, 23 puppies were born out of 8 beddings. We still have a good relationship with a few owners, and some brought more puppies from us later on. The future owners can expect professional and personal help from us to the fullest extent, even in person.

We participate in several international, and national dog shows to increase our professional efficiency and the competition.

Our webpage is continuously updated. News, pictures, plans of future beddings, puppies, breed traits, etc.

Kissné Csirik Mária & Kiss Sándor the founders of Witch Master Kennel